Suicide Attack

Suicide Attack on Egypt Church Foiled

CAIRO, Egypt — A suicide attack against a church on the outskirts of Cairo was foiled Saturday when a bomber blew himself up before reaching the target, state media and security sources said.


Graphic Photos: Islamic State Severs Hand of Accused Thief in Sinai

TEL AVIV — The Islamic State terror organization has published what it claims are photos of Wilyat Sinai, the Egyptian branch of IS, purporting to show how the murderous group is forcing sharia law over those who live in their areas of control in Sinai, despite the war being waged against them by the Egyptian army.


Explosive Belt Found Discarded in Rubbish Tip South of Paris

A device which appears to be a belt of explosives has been found discarded in a pile of rubbish in a suburb south of Paris. Investigators believe it may have been abandoned by the last remaining fugitive terrorist involved in

explosive belt

Terrorists organise suicide bombings from inside Lebanese prison

A Lebanese prison building is now the command base for terrorists in Lebanon with the latest suicide bomb attack orchestrated from prisoners’ bunk beds. According to local newspaper An-Nahar, Lebanese forces transferred detainees inside the notorious Roumieh prison Monday amid