Socialist Workers Left Red-Faced after Emailing Anti-UKIP Mailing List to UKIP

Oli Scarff/Getty Images/AFP

The Socialist Workers’ Party faced embarrassment after accidentally sending details of the mailing list for the ‘Wales Stand Up to UKIP’ campaign to UKIP members.

The email revealed a number of unexpected names for the hard-left group, including three Tory Members of the Welsh Assembly: Nick Ramsay, Mohammed Ashgar and William Graham.

It urged members on the list to donate their time at a series of stalls throughout the election period in an effort to smear UKIP candidates and the party.

On receiving the email, UKIP Wales replied to the group, telling them that “you appear to have sent us the details of the entire membership of your ‘stand up to UKIP organisation’ in Wales.”

Adopting a tongue-in-cheek tone, they added: “On a more positive note we have studied our events calendar and are able to confirm that none of your action days as listed clash with our own and we are therefore able to give you clearance to carry on as you feel fit on that front.”

The group is alleged to have been behind a number of attacks on UKIP premises in recent weeks, including the party’s shop in Merthyr being regularly daubed with graffiti and CCTV cameras on one premises in Shotton smashed, with blood left over the building from the perpetrator’s attempts to cause damage.

And South Wales Police have arrested two men after a discussion on social media where they threatened to set fire to the campaign HQ for the constituency, with one saying he would be pleased if activists who were inside were killed.

The appearance of the Tory politician’s names on the distribution list, along with the ‘Welsh Communists’ and the Regional Secretary for the Unite Union as well as a member of Welsh NHS staff who has been passing on information from the SWP on her work email, caused raised eyebrows as the SWP are traditionally sworn enemies of the Conservatives.

The list also includes the names of four members of the clergy who the extreme left seem keen to get involved with their campaign. One of those on the list told Breitbart London:

“I have no involvement with these groups. I do not know where they obtained my e-mail address. I have not bothered to follow the matter up. I merely delete the e-mails when they arrive.”

William Graham was the only one of the Assembly Members to reply to our inquiry about potential involvement with the anti UKIP group, although he did not rule out involvement or distance himself from the group.

In an email, he simply said:

Sorry, but do not recall any specific contact recently.
William Graham AM

So far no one from the SWP has chosen not to respond to our questions on the involvement of members of the clergy or Conservative Assembly Members participating in their group.



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