Mother Brainwashed Children into Lying About Satanic Sex Cult at School


A mother and her partner forced her children to lie about a satanic sex cult at their school in the midst of a bitter custody row. Ella Draper and Abraham Christie “tortured” the children into alleging their father was leader of a rape cult that killed children, drank their blood and danced with their skulls.

The Daily Mail reports that the two children, aged eight and nine, appeared in a series of Youtube videos alleging various demonic practices by a cult. High Court judge Mrs Justice Pauffley ruled, however, that the children had been forced to “provide concocted accounts of horrific events” by their mother and her partner.

The videos, which received more than 4 million views, alleged “significant paedophile activity” at the school by teachers, social workers, a priest and police. While the “main action” occurred at the children’s school, seven other schools were also named, along with a swimming pool.

The children also claimed “rituals” were performed at a McDonald’s restaurant where “the boss” let child sacrifice happen. They said that babies were beheaded or cooked in ovens before being eaten by cult members.

In one video, the children said they were made to dance with dead babies’ skulls and that over 100 people performed sex acts on them.

However, Mrs Justice Pauffley ruled: “I am able to state with complete conviction that none of the allegations are true. The claims are baseless.” She also said that people spreading the rumours and videos on the internet were “evil and/or foolish”.

Various individuals were named in the videos, with Mrs Justice Pauffley adding: “Many of those individuals are now living in fear because they have been identified on the internet as abusers of children and their contact details including telephone numbers, home and email addresses have been published.

“Several of those implicated have received malicious, intimidating phone calls and emails at all hours of the day and night from all over the world. For example – ‘We’re coming for you. You paedo scum’.”

She also said that the children’s stories came about thanks to “relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse.”

“Torture is a strong word but is the most accurate way to describe what was done to the children by Christie in collaboration with Draper,” the judge added.

The children, named only as P and Q, have now been taken into care and have “suffered significantly”.

“Their innocence was invaded. Their minds were scrambled. Their grip on reality was imperilled,” the judge said.

The hearing lasted nearly two weeks, during which Mrs Justice Pauffley heard evidence from 16 witnesses.

“The forensic inquiry has been full and thorough. There was no satanic or other cult at which babies were murdered and children were sexually abused,” she said.


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