#MossadStoleMyShoe: British Muslim Rights Spokesman Accuses ‘Zionists’ Of Intimidation


Prominent British Muslim activist Asghar Bukhari came under fire yesterday for accusing “Zionist” spies of a psychological conspiracy against Muslims – including breaking into his house and stealing one of his shoes.

Having been accused of sabotaging Iran’s nuclear programme, and conducting a campaign of international assassinations, Bukhari alleges Israeli agents have adopted shoe new tactics – secretly entering his home as he slept in order to steal one of his shoes.

“Are Zionists trying to intimidate me” the founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK asked his Facebook followers, presumably to silence his attempts “to proactively work to expose and counter the sinister and toxic anti Muslim narrative that is common in mainstream politics and media.”

Acknowledging that his home may not actually have been broken into, Bukhari used his Facebook post to explain that he “cant [sic] prove anything and thats [sic] part of the intimidation.” The alleged aim of the shoe thieves is, he says, “simple – to make me feel vulnerable in my own home.”

Bukhari – who Breitbart London previously reported has himself been accused of using intimidatory tactics – said that the problem is widespread.  Warning that he is not the only anti-Zionist victim of secret agents he wrote “I have had another Muslim leader call me a year or so ago, in tears – she told me they had been coming into her house and re-arranging things – just to let her know they had been there.”

Bukhari has many friends and supporters in the anti-Zionist movement, including the recently declared candidate for Mayor of London, George Galloway:

The reaction to the alleged footwear conspiracy from other internet users was not as supportive as Bukhari would have hoped.

The Israeli Ambassador to South Africa entered the fray:

  And there has even been a spoof United Nations Resolution drawn up:

Mocking the victim of the Zionist conspiracy yet further still there is even now a Change.org petition “demanding the immediate and safe return of Asghar Bukharis sandal held hostage by the agents of the Zionist State, the Mossad.”

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