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george galloway

George Galloway’s Lawyers Warned About Tone Of Demands In Legal Letters

George Galloway’s lawyers have been warned by their professional regulator about the content of letters they sent threatening legal action against certain Twitter users. The letters were written following Tweets sent in response to the appearance of Mr. Galloway on BBC



So the battle has been joined and the great fight for the future of our country has begun. On June 23rd we will make the most important political decision in our lifetimes. I am determined to do all that I can

George Galloway

Another Jihadi John? Second Islamic State Jailer Identified as Londoner

Another member of Islamic State’s self-proclaimed  ‘Beatles’ prison guards has been identified as a Londoner who once joined an aid convoy to Gaza organised by George Galloway. Alexanda Kotey, 32, from Shepherd’s Bush, brutally tormented foreign prisoners in Islamic State-held territory in Syria,

beheading british muslims

Galloway Would Use Mayoral Post to Rally For Palestine

The controversial left-winger George Galloway yesterday said he is running for Mayor of London for two reasons – first to rally support for Palestine and secondly to speak for the majority of ordinary Londoners that are not “dripping in gold.”

George Galloway in Bradford West

George Galloway Vows To Legally Challenge His Election Defeat

The former MP George Galloway has started legal proceedings to contest the outcome of the election in Bradford West, after being unceremoniously dumped by the electorate. The Respect Party leader lost to Labour rival Naz Shah with a vote deficit of

George Galloway in Bradford West

Galloway Accuses Labour Rival of Lying Over Forced Marriage

The war of words between George Galloway and the Labour party in Bradford West is threatening to spill over into legal action over claims that Naz Shah, who is standing for Labour, lied about being forced into an underage and

George Galloway in Bradford West