Owen Jones: Fat, Topless Blokes Wearing Leather Pants While Holding a Gimp Are Too ‘Mainstream’

Everyone should support gay marriage – we're persistently reminded – else …

Everyone should support gay marriage – we’re persistently reminded – else we’re monsters. Forget your religious principles, or even if you’re a libertarian and just want the state out of marriage altogether. No no, you’ve gotta support gay marriage. And unless you put a rainbow flag avatar on your corporate logo or your Facebook profile picture then you’re a obviously a rampant homophobe.

But wait… Also…. You shouldn’t support gay pride if you’re a big corporation. Because obviously you’re just doing it as a PR-stunt. And the “soul of pride” is being sucked dry by the profiteering, right-wing organisation that is… MTV?

This is the cognitive dissonance so beautifully, though obviously unintentionally presented in Owen Jones’s latest video for the Guardian. I know, this article is like a complete, left-wing bingo card already.

But watch, below, as the left’s darling, Doogie Howser MD MP visits London’s gay pride parade to slate the big corporates like Sky, O2, and Paramount Pictures for supporting the occasion.

Jones, without irony, dons a “Pits and Perverts” t-shirt that would have the likes of Prof. Tim Hunt strung up from a lamppost, while he tells us all about how pride has lost its original, revolutionary vision because its all gone a bit “mainstream”. Because what could be more mainstream than a topless fat bloke in leather pants holding hands with a gimp walking down Regent Street?

Well, although I’m not one of them, I’m sure lots of (especially socially conservative, or religious) people across Britain would agree with Jones in his implied wishes for LGBT pride to return to the fringes of British society.

Because you know, once you’re in charge of everything its hard to look like a revolutionary anymore. And what are liberals without their ability to be revolutionary anymore?

Well, they’re tyrants, obviously.



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