Tim Hunt

Leaked Transcript: ‘Sexist Scientist’ Was Just Joking

A leaked EU report has shown that Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sir Tim Hunt, who was hounded out of his academic positions for making sexist remarks, was actually joking when he made the comments. Sir Tim was forced to resign from

English biochemist, the Nobel-prize winn

Nobel Scientists Condemn Feminist ‘Lynch Mob’ That Ousted Professor

Eight Nobel prizewinning scientists have rallied to the defence of Sir Tim Hunt, the British scientist who was forced to resign his honorary professorship at University College London (UCL) after making comments on the “trouble with girls” in laboratories. Sir

English biochemist, the Nobel-prize winn

Nobel Laureate: Girls Are Trouble In The Laboratory

My hero of the week is 72-year old Nobel-prizewinning scientist Sir Tim Hunt who this week went public at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Korea on the three main problems he has encountered during a lifetime working with

English biochemist, the Nobel-prize winn