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DELINGPOLE: ‘Moronic, Self-Righteous, Disgusting Losers’ Tried to Turn the Berlin Attack on Nigel Farage

I have a very special Christmas message to all those people who attacked Nigel Farage for telling the truth about the Berlin massacre, and to all those who called me a “c***” for being rude about Brendan Cox. You are the reason Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential election; you are the reason 17.4 million people voted for Brexit; you are the reason the European Union is collapsing. You are hateful, bigoted and—for all your hypocritical pretences to the contrary—fascistic.


Sorry Owen Jones But Orlando Was More Than Just a Case of Souped-up Gay-Bashing

With a self-parodic idiocy which quite defies satire, the usual suspects on the liberal-left have decided to rebrand the latest appalling Islamist-inspired atrocity as just a more extreme version of routine hate-crime – this time one driven by ‘homophobia’. “This was a deliberate attack


Leftie Luvvie Owen Jones Branded Liar Over IRA Backing

Darling of the left, political talking head Owen Jones has been accused of lying after denying backing the IRA “militarily”. Jones, who has become the go-to left-winger for BBC political programmes, caused controversy earlier this week after it was reported he

Owen Jones