UKIP Deputy Leader: ‘The West Is Turning a Blind Eye to Radical Islam’

Strasbourg, FRANCE – The west has encouraged radical Islam by turning a blind eye to the extremes of Islam when it suits us to do so, UKIP’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall has said.

Speaking in a debate on the recent terrorist attacks carried out in France, Tunisia and Kuwait, Mr Nuttall warned his fellow Parliamentarians that what he had to say would be “unpalatable” and “politically incorrect to some,” but added “the simple fact is the one thing they [the attacks] had in common was that they were done in the name of Islam.”

Referring to claims made by others, including Prime Minister David Cameron, in the wake of the attacks that the they had ‘nothing to do with Islam’, Mr Nuttall said that comments such as those “are not only ludicrous, but also extremely dangerous.”

Following the Tunisia massacre in which 38 people, mostly Britons, lost their lives, Mr Cameron insisted that the killings were done “not in the name of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.”

Mr Nuttall also said that the West was complicit in encouraging radical Islam to prosper, as “we turn a blind eye to misogyny, homophobia, limb amputation and the funding of extremism in return for arms deals and oil.”

And he called on politicians across the west to stand up for liberal values, or face being judged by history as “the generation that surrendered our hard fought liberal western democracy in favour of something darker, more intolerant, and wholly illiberal.”

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