Left-Wingers Put Ads in Third-World Newspapers Begging Immigrants to Keep Coming


Danish campaigners are reacting to their government’s efforts to bring mass-immigration under control by launching their own counter-propaganda initiative.

One group, which has motivated its supporters through Facebook, managed to raise 100,000 Danish kroner (£9,500) from roughly 1,000 backers. Their ‘welcome refugees’ campaign will take out advertising space in domestic and foreign newspapers, in a desperate bid to counter the Danish government’s recent action on migration. As reported by Breitbart London this month, the new right-wing Danish government has abolished unemployment benefit for migrants.

Instead, they will be eligible for a new benefit worth only half as much as the benefit available to native Danes. The new ‘integration’ benefit required newcomers to learn Danish to receive full payment – otherwise money is docked until they learn.

The government, concerned at how long information about the new benefits regime will take to filter through to potential immigrants in North Africa and the Middle East, has decided to take out newspaper adverts in nations abroad such as Turkey telling foreigners not to come.

Explaining her pleasure at being able to oppose the government, campaign spokesman Marianne Rosenkvist said:

“On the one hand we are surprised about the level of support we have gotten. We hadn’t expected that. On the other hand, I’m actually not surprised that there are many who agree with us and would like to show that other voice that also exists in Denmark.

“What we would love to accomplish is to see Danish politicians stop making life harder for the refugees coming here, but we also think that it’s important to let people know in Denmark and abroad that many Danes want to stop this de-humanization of refugees”

As well as adverts in Danish and newspapers further afield, the group will also take out space in the United Kingdom’s Guardian.

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