Chilling Call to Arms for Muslims in Germany to Commit ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks

German ISIS

A new Islamic State propaganda video, believed to be the first filmed in the German language, has threatened the life of Angela Merkel and called on believers to attack Germany and Austria.

Germany’s Die Welt reports at least two of the Jihadists seen in the film – which includes pronouncements on Jihad and the execution of two prisoners with assault rifles – are European citizens. Abu Omar al-Almani, a German, and Austrian Mohamed Mahmoud both speak in the film, calling on Muslims living in either country to either travel to the Islamic State, or to wage holy war at home.

Calling on Muslims to become ‘lone wolf’ killers Mohamed Mahmoud, who was jailed for four years for terrorism offences in Germany but escaped to the Islamic world says: “My brothers and sisters, either you come here and join the Mujahideen, or you lead the jihad in Germany and Austria. You do not need much, just take a large knife and kill every unbeliever. They are like dogs!”.

He also threatened to kill German chancellor Angela Merkel, who authorised last years donation of €70 million of second hand military equipment to Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State. Surplus German army equipment flown out to Syria included 16,000 rifles, 2,500 Panzerfaust-3 antitank rockets, 8 million rounds of ammunition, 10,000 hand grenades, and 100 military vehicles. Almost immediately after the weapons arrived in Syria, German-made hand grenades began mysteriously appearing in Islamic State armouries.

Mohamed Mahmoud said of Merkel: “Oh Merkel, you dirty bitch. We will take revenge for the insult of the prophet, we will take revenge for the Afghan Muslim blood that you have shed. We will take revenge for the shipment of arms to the rebels here in the Islamic state. Our revenge will be with you!”.

Although the German security services have not yet revealed whether they believe the video is genuine, it may be taken seriously as past experience shows such calls to action are heeded. Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani called on true believers to kill Westerners last year, specifically suggesting “run [disbelievers] over with your car”, an order he again repeated this year. There have been a spate of such ‘Lee Rigby style’ car attacks across Europe since, which authorities rushed to deny had any link to Islam.

In June, a devout Muslim drove his Sports Utility Vehicle at speeds approaching 90 miles an hour around the main shopping streets of Graz, Vienna. Trying to hit as many people as he could manage, he eventually killed three and injured 34 before his car finally came to a rest. At that point, he got out of the vehicle and set upon his victims with a “large knife”.

There was also a spate of identical attacks in France at Christmas last year. In Dijon, a man screaming “Allahu Akbar” and “for the children of Palestine!” repeatedly drove his car into groups of people on the pavement, in a attack that continued for 30 minutes before he was apprehended. One of the victims was just eleven years old – yet baffled French police refused to be drawn on whether it constituted an act of terrorism.

The next day it happened again, this time at a Christmas market in Nantes A van driven by a man shouting “Allahu Akbar” drove through crowds and rammed a stall serving mulled wine before the driver attempted to stab himself to death. Again, French police ruled out the possibility of terrorism, calling it an “isolated incident” perpetrated by a man with mental issues.

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