Racist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: ‘We Don’t Need Another White Man’ for Labour Leader

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

So I see that the self-declared racist political commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has only gone and done it again. But because she’s brown (by skin colour, not just by name), I suppose the BBC will continue to have her on their programmes, and the Independent will continue to publish her racist columns.

She writes, in Sunday’s Independent, in an article entitled, “I like Corbyn, but let’s face it: we don’t need another white man at the head of a political party“:

The contest for the Labour leadership is bringing new energy to the moribund party. I like Corbyn the man and his anti-austerity policies. Do we really want yet another white man in power? No. Other socialist feminists feel the same way. If I had a vote, I would go for Yvette Cooper. But when it comes to the London Mayoral Labour candidate, I am uneasy about Tessa Jowell getting selected. She is a woman, talented and persuasive. Yet she is an establishment figure while her rivals – Sadiq Khan, David Lammy and Diane Abbott – are not so grand. They are the children of migrants and so better reflect London, the world’s most diverse city, made by incomers.

And she even bemoans Britain’s lack of identity politics, before giving the prime example of identity politics, Baroness Warsi (otherwise known as Baroness Token) as a “technicolour moment of identity politics”:

When the Muslim peer Sayeeda Warsi joined Cameron’s cabinet as a minister without portfolio, she turned up for her first meeting in shalwar kameez. This was a technicolour moment of identity politics. Though she didn’t last, some of her Muslim voters stayed loyal to the Tories.

Well I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I have very little interest in extremist-linked ministers turning up to the British Cabinet in traditional Pakistani garb. Probably about as much interest as the Pakistani public have in Hugh Grant turning up to a Pakistani Muslim League rally in a top hat and tails.

Do you think their first reactions would be, “Ah, how socially progressive and multi-cultural of us! Better let him be a government minister!”

This is the point at which the left would tie itself into knots, by the way. Because how dare I compare our government to the Pakistani governments?

“Obviously we know better… I mean… no… not better… we’re not better than them… we ought to know better… we’re all the same like… but… multi-culturalism… and… fuck.”

This is why vacuous commentators like Alibhai-Brown manage to contradict themselves in a matter of sentences. At the beginning, it was “In the US, ethnicity, religion, race, gender and class are recognised factors in the election process”.

Then it was, “Oh look at Baroness Token, isn’t that lovely of us?”

And she concludes: “unlike our American cousins, we don’t know how to talk about diversity and engagement in fast-evolving GB.”

Firstly, who the fuck says “GB”?

Secondly… Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is precisely the sort to bitch and moan about American culture when it doesn’t suit her.

And thirdly (and you didn’t think you’d get away with this, did you, Yasmin?) she seems to have even managed to shoehorn some anti-Semitism into her piece this week:

“Corbyn, in contrast, is regarded  as a man of these people. He rides a bike, wears cheap clothes, is seen as a real, working-class hero. In some ways, identity politics worked for him – but the honeymoon ended when he was assailed by fiery feminists for suggesting women-only train carriages and branded an anti-Semite by Zionists.”

He wasn’t just accused by people who are “Zionists”, Yasmin. He was accused of anti-Semitism in the round, because he calls people who are quite obviously anti-Semites, “friends” – something which may not stop a racist like you being friends with someone, but it stops quite a lot of us.

Anyway, I think I’ve successfully managed to get myself into a tizzy over this. I wonder if the Independent’s reader’s liaison will notice this week. After all Alibhai-Brown made a “mortifying blunder” last week. And no, I’m not surprised by any of this. She’s not just a racist. She’s a dense, has-been desperate for some attention. And now she’s got it.


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