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yasmin alibhai-brown

Watch: The Most Annoying Woman Ever Charlotte Proudman

I’ve just seen the most annoying women on the planet. And no, amazingly, it’s not Baroness Warsi. Or Emily Thornberry. Nor even Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. It’s Charlotte Proudman, the man-hating feminazi with political ambitions, who really doesn’t deserve any more time in the


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Says ‘Toffs’ Should ‘Shoot Migrants’ in Bizarre Twitter Outburst

Controversial columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown caused outrage today after tweeting that “toffs missing fox hunting” should shoot migrants instead and “use their skins to make top-price shoes”. The tweet was branded “childish”, “stupidly unpleasant” and “just wrong” by bemused Twitter

yasmin alibhai-brown

Left Wing Writer: Anti-Zionists Are Not That Different From Anti-Semites

From Brendan O’Neill, Editor, Spiked Online, writing for Jewish News: THERE’S NO evidence Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite. But the storm over his dodgy associates has thrown up ample evidence that the modern left doesn’t take anti-Semitism seriously. It’s extraordinary. Ours