Tory Activist Behind ‘Drive By Shooting’ Campaign says ‘Be Kind to Each Other’

Paul Abbott
ConservativeHome ScreenShot

The Tory activist behind a dirty tricks campaign against his fellow party members has told activists to “be kind to each other” in a new blog post written for the ConservativeHome website.

Paul Abbott, the former chief of staff to Wikipedia conspiracy-pusher Grant Shapps MP has written to his fellow activists urging them to do the best for the Conservative Party – a stark difference to those who campaign in other political parties for the best for their country.

Abbott, who is the chief executive of the pro-immigration Conservative Way Forward group, and as associate director at the lobbying firm Portland Communications is perhaps best known in right wing circles for claiming that he would have been in the Labour Party were it not for him getting a job with the MP for Harlow Robert Halfon, who recently said that he wanted to rename the Conservative Party the ‘Workers Party’.

He wrote today:

Yes, we have a right to expect that our campaign structures should work well, and should make our lives easier. But, we also have a responsibility to our Party. Activism is a two-way street. We have to uphold our end of the bargain:

  • We should show up, when needed.
  • We should join in.
  • We should donate.
  • We should be kind to each other.

One commenter aptly responded: “Yes – Absolutely. One hears too many depressing stories about elections within the Party which are stitch-ups where one side has smeared the other and the whole thing appears like a nest of vipers. By all means, go all out to win things – but win fairly and squarely if you can; not meanly.”

But Abbott is perhaps best noted for his activism against more right wing members of the Conservative Party. He is also rumoured to be a supporter of U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Abbott, according to sources inside the Conservative Party, has been responsible for attacks on the right-wing Bow Group. He is believed to have used the term “drive-by shooting” on occasion, to refer to how he would like to treat activists from the party’s right wing. He has also documented some of his political experiences in poems.

The shift from Conservative Party activists welcoming the latest, astronomical immigration figures into the United Kingdom, is yet another indication that the mainstream of the Conservative Party has abandoned the immigration debate.


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