WATCH: Footage Emerges of ‘Refugees’ Abusing Police, Throwing Food and Water Away onto Train Tracks


Footage has emerged of migrants at a Hungarian train station throwing away food and water offered to them by police.

The Youtube footage, which is embossed with the badges of the Hungarian police force, shows the migrants rejecting food packages and bottled water, throwing them onto the train tracks. Although some children appear keen to accept the food, the adults turn it down, in some cases throwing it back at police.

The migrants, described by some outlets as refugees, have been gathered at train stations in Hungary in the hope of travelling onwards to Austria and Germany. Hungarian authorities initially refused to let them through, resulting in chaotic scenes at Budapest’s main train station this week, but have now agreed to help them travel to the Austrian border.

Yesterday, David Cameron agreed to allow many more refugees into Britain following an outcry on social media over a photograph of a dead migrant child. Cameron said that Britain would take thousands of people from refugee camps on the Syria-Turkey border, but the country will not change its stance on the migrants already in Europe, especially those in northern France who have been desperately trying to cross into the UK.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, however, that her country will try to accommodate all refugees who come to it, a decision Nigel Farage blamed for this week’s scenes.

Referring to the photograph of the dead child, he said: “I genuinely think and believe that Chancellor Merkel, compounding the pull factors this week, is more likely to make us see more of those kind of photographs. It is a very dangerous thing, I think, that she has done.”


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