Farage Blasts: ‘Europe Must Be Mad’ to Not Stop the Boats, Juncker: British Electorate Views are ‘Worthless’

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EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker has today delivered his “State of the Union” speech – an annual address to the European Parliament which attempts to portray the unelected bureaucrat as a figure in the style of the U.S. President. But during his speech, UKIP leader Nigel Farage heckled the EU leader, saying that the EU must be “mad” not to stop the boats and therefore stop more deaths.

Although the entirety of the liberal-left, establishment media, and EU has swung behind the idea of welcoming millions of migrants into Europe over the next few years, Mr Farage cited the strategy employed by Australia’s Tony Abbott, as explained here on Breitbart London, which not only stopped the boats, but stopped more deaths occuring as a result of illegal attempts at migration.

But Mr Juncker, according to the BBC and Sky News lashed out at Mr Farage, explaining that his views which are offered on behalf of the British electorate of the South East region who have repeatedly elected Mr Farage to represent them since 1999, are “worthless”.

Mr Juncker’s mean-spirited remarks came moments after the UKIP leader was himself heckled while delivering his speech from the front bench in Strasbourg.

UPDATE: Mr Farage has tweeted that the BBC and Sky have skewed their coverage of the incident, and that Mr Juncker’s comments were NOT actually aimed at him, but rather at heckling UKIP MEP David Coburn:

But despite the fact that Mr Farage was the first political party leader, in 2013, to urge that some Syrian migrants were granted refugee status in Britain, the BBC, combined with Conservative Party MEP Sajjad Karim, took to the airwaves to disseminate the lie that Mr Farage has called for no refugees to be allowed into Britain.

Karim is a former Liberal Democrat and has been nicknamed “Salvage Career” by some of his colleagues because of his defection to the Conservative Party just because his own party was all but wiped out in the European Parliament. He claimed that Mr Farage had urged Britain to take the same action as the Gulf states who have not played any part in rescuing many of their co-religionists, and regional neighbours.

In fact, Mr Farage had simply pointed out the hypocrisy of them not doing so.

The BBC’s clip did not show Mr Farage’s comments, but featured an extended applause for Mr Juncker from the European Parliamentary chamber, followed by Mr Karim’s commentary. One UKIP official described the coverage to Breitbart London as “a disgrace”.

The incident followed Mr Juncker’s statements to the parliament today where he claimed that the European Union was not in good shape – claiming there’s “not enough Europe, and not enough Union.” He urged countries across the EU to take even more migrants than had been initially proposed, even though it has recently transpired that most of those arriving across Europe are economic migrants, and mostly young, fit, relatively well-off men.

WATCH Mr Farage’s speech in the Parliament today:

“Thank you. Mr Juncker you’ve simply got this wrong.

“As I warned you in April, the European Common Asylum Policy sets its terms so wide that to say that anyone who sets a foot on EU soil can stay, I said it would lead to a flow of biblical proportions and indeed that is what we are beginning to see and that’s been compounded by Germany last week saying that basically anyone can come. It is a bit too late now to draw up a list of countries from whom can stay and can’t stay. All they have to do, as they’re doing, is to throw their passports in the Mediterranean and say they’re coming from Syria. As we know the majority of people that are coming and the Slovak Prime Minister has been honest enough to say so, the majority that are coming are economic migrants.

“In addition we see as I warned earlier evidence that ISIS are now using this route to put their jihadists on European soil. We must be mad to take this risk with the cohesion of our societies. If we want to help genuine refugees, if we want to protect our societies, if we want to stop the criminal trafficking gangs from benefitting as they are, we must stop the boats coming as the Australians did and then we can assess who qualifies for refugee status.

“I noted your comments because there is a referendum coming in the United Kingdom. I look forward to seeing you in the UK, I know you intend to spend tens of millions of pounds of British tax payers money telling us what we should think. I have a feeling that the British people will warm to you on a personal level but to suggest that getting rid of a few EU regulations is going to change our minds, sorry unless you give Mr Cameron back control and discretion over our borders the Brits will over the course of the next year, vote to leave.”

WATCH: Nigel Farage’s Emotional Response to the Crisis from Last Week:


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