SHOCK VID: London ‘Pro Palestinian’ Admits She’d Kill 6 Million Jews, They Should ‘Go Into the Sea’


At yesterday’s violent, pro-terrorist, anti-Israel rally outside Number 10 Downing Street in London, a pro Palestinian woman openly called for the genocide of six million Jews while accusing others of racism. Another anti-racist stood before a group of Jews waving a penny, telling them “money… is all you understand.”

The rally was organised by various socialist unions and the Stop the War Coalition members to protest the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The action had the support of various Labour politicians including leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn. Cars and people were attacked and the flags of terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas flown proudly.

In the first video, below, a woman identified as holocaust denying journalist Pamela Hardyment, says the Jews in Israel should “go into the sea.”

Joseph Cohen of the Israel Advocacy Movement asked if she “want[ed]… genocide against the Israelis?” She replied: “Six million Jews there, wiped out.”

“So would you want another holocaust?” he pressed, “I don’t know what the holocaust is,” she claimed. She then accuses him of racism. To clarify, he asked: “You said you want six million Jews in the sea?”

“I want them out of Israel,” she responded. “You’ll have to kill them all,” he said. “Well, so be it,” was her answer.

In a separate video, a man is asked: “You just hate Jews?” He responds by saying: “Go to the other side of the world where you are welcome.”

He can then be seen waiving a coin, shouting: “Penny, that’s all you understand. You only understand money. You only understand money.”

Following the protest the man was photographed in handcuffs being escorted off by police. In a third video, various people are heard spouting numerous anti-semitic stereotypes, defending terrorist groups and justifying flying their flags.