Bill Maher On Migrant Crisis: Muslims Making Europe ‘Less Moderate and Tolerant’

bill maher

Comedian and left-leaning libertarian TV host Bill Maher brought a little sense to the migrant crisis debate over the weekend. They said Muslim migrants need to stay in the Middle East, that they will make Europe less tolerant, and that “massive demographic change” is on the way. Watch the exchange below.

Maher began the segment by stating of the migrant crisis: “We all agree… something must be done… But…” he asked, the “question that most of media avoids, is what about the long term?”

“I so understand why moderate Muslims are fleeing their homeland,” he says, “but the answer can’t really be that we empty out the Middle East of all the moderates and leave it to ISIS and the extremists.”

Adding: “If they just come to moderate and tolerant Europe – to someday make it less moderate and tolerant – that isn’t the answer.”

Linda Chavez, Chairman of the Center For Equal Opportunity, said: “It is a demographic time bomb… historical Europeans are not having babies anymore. The only people who are having babies in countries like France, Germany and England are the new Muslim immigrants.”

She also said that; “Europe does a terrible job [of assimilating migrants]… they don’t melt in,” referring specifically to areas in France and Birmingham “with concentrated Muslim communities.”

Also on the panel was author of the Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie, who said: “The solution to the problem is not taking in refugees; the solution to the problem is to fix the problem the refugees are fleeing.”

He said he thought it was “very weird that the countries where they share a language and a culture are the ones not letting them in – that is to say the Gulf States.” He added, however, that the “Europeanisation of the Muslim population is possible.”

Michael C. Moynihan of VICE News and the Daily Beast spoke of the “disturbing” incident in Denmark where, following an Islamist attack on a free-speech event, 700 to a thousand people attended the funeral of the second-generation Danish immigrant terrorist.

“This is alarming to Danish people and it should be alarming to anyone,” he says, “it is a [Muslim] minority that is substantial and incredibly dangerous.”

“Lets not kid ourselves,” adds Maher; “There is a lot of young Muslim men in European cities, who even though they are newcomers to the land, really are not humble to adapting to the ways of the Western world.

“They are again, the newcomers, and yet they bridle at the fact women walk down the street with a miniskirt and sleeveless dresses. Free speech is not something which they always agree with. And often their attitude is, ‘we’re biding our time until you will do thing our way.’”



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