Sweden Deploys An Army… Of Bureaucrats To Sign Up Migrants to State Welfare

Stockholm Station Migration
Oliver Lane / Breitbart London

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The Swedish migration bureau has deployed a welcoming committee on the platforms of the capital’s central railway station to help sign up migrants to benefits as soon as they arrive.

Officers from the controversial Migrationsverket government body, from Stockholm City Council, the police, and humanitarian charities all line the most remote platform of the vast underground station that serves Stockholm. Usually open to long distance trains, the platform is now cut off from the public and is used to receive migrants who have taken the train from Malmo, the southern city that is the main point of ingress to the country from mainland Europe.

Despite having travelled by foot, bus, and train through Europe many of the so-called refugees arriving in Stockholm have never been registered, and Migrationsverket officers are standing by with clipboards to make the process as painless as possible.

Stockholm Station Migrants

Making their migration north, Middle-Eastern and North African men await their next train at Stockholm Central station / Oliver Lane / Breitbart

Bureau employee Guna Graufelds is young, blonde, and everything a young Swedish lady ought to be. She was one of the officers awaiting an extremely delayed intercity train from Malmo and told Breitbart London: “for the last week the staff from our agency has been at the station here in Stockholm. There are a lot of migrants coming to Sweden, and we are here to be easily accessible for them. We try to approach as many people as possible, and tell them welcome to Sweden. We give them food, arrange for them to take a shower, and get them accommodation.

“Once we have registered them, within a couple of days we get them permanent housing… on some of the extra migrant trains, there can be hundreds of people for us to register”.

Graufelds expressed some shock that not everyone she met wanted to be registered, and that the large congregations of immigrant men waiting with overstuffed IKEA carrier bags in the station hall were waiting for trains to Norway and Finland. She observed that Iraqi men in particular were keen to go to Finland – for no reason other than rumours circulating in Arabic among the travellers that it was a good place to go.

The Migrationsverket itself has recently been referred to the national government ombudsman by members of the Sweden Democrats. The party complains that the body, which is autonomous from the government but is funded by the taxpayer regularly exceeds its own budget through profligate spending on migrants.

The decision by Migrationsverket to effectively award instant, permanent residency to all Syrian refugees was tantamount to the body creating government policy without the acquiescence of the national parliament, as there was no debate and no vote on the move, they claim.

National justice committee member Kent Ekeroth MP told Breitbart London: “I object to non-elected civil servants single handedly deciding Swedish immigration policy by handing out permanent automatic residencies”.

Although he was a driving force behind the referral to the ombudsman, Ekeroth conceded it will almost certainly be thrown out and dismissed. Regardless, he hopes the complaint will raise awareness among Swedes of the undemocratic nature of migration policy in their country.

Breitbart London reported on the strange priorities of the immigration agency in July, after a group of Christian asylum seekers in Sweden were hounded out of refugee housing by a larger group of Muslims there. The Christians were told by their house-mates they were not allowed to wear signs of the cross or to use communal areas if there was a Muslim present.

Instead of referring the discrimination to police, Migrationsverket officers instead took the initiative to visit the refugee home to “provide information about Swedish law” to the “fundamentalist Islamists” there in the hope of preventing them from acting unkindly towards Christians again.

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