Equality At Last? World’s First Male Rape Centre Opens In Sweden

Male Rape

The largest hospital in Europe’s rape-capital Sweden has opened a rape centre for men and boys, a crucial badge of honour for their commitment to “gender equal” patient care.

The hospital’s pre-existing rape crisis centre has proven a useful service for locals, receiving between 600 and 700 walk-in cases every year, but like most such wards worldwide it caters only for women. The new clinic at the Södersjukhuset opened yesterday to great acclaim, and is now open 24-hours a day, 365-days a year for emergency treatment of men and boys who have been attacked.

TheLocal.se reports there are now some 370 cases of male rape in Sweden reported a year, a figure that is thought to be significantly lower than that actually committed as many allow pride to prevent them seeking treatment or legal recourse. A representative of the centre-right Moderate party said of the opening: “Emergency medical care for raped men will be free of charge, and offered around the clock, all year… So far there has been no specific place for men who are victims of rape to turn to. Therefore we in the Alliance have decided to change this”.

Elsewhere in the world the opening of a male rape centre may have been treated with surprise but in Sweden, which according to a recent Gatestone Institute report has taken on the second highest rape rate in the world after Lesotho in Africa, it may yet see plenty of use. Just 40 years ago Sweden had one of the lowest rape incidences in the world, but since 1975 it has jumped by a remarkable 1,472 per cent, in a period where the population only grew by 18.7-per-cent.

In 2002, 85 per cent of those sentenced to at least two years in prison for rape in the Swedish court of appeal were either first or second generation immigrants. Breitbart London reported last month one one such particularly egregious case, in which a young woman was abducted by a gang of Afghan migrants and gang-raped for a week. Two men arrested during the investigation were unable to even speak Swedish and required a Pashto interpreter in court, despite having lived in Sweden for over a year.

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