WATCH: Violent ‘Anti-Fascists’ Hit With Water Cannon At Anti-Islamisation Rally


German police were forced to turn water cannons on far-left ‘anti-fascists’ staging a violent counter demonstration at an anti-Islamisation rally on Sunday.

Authorities initially tried to have the demonstration, organised by the anti-Islamisation group Hooligans Against Salafists (HOGESA), banned. However, a court dismissed the motion and ruled that protesters would be allowed to gather at a fixed location, but not to march through the streets of Cologne, in western Germany.

Police deployed 3,500 officers wearing riot gear, with water cannons and a helicopter at the ready, as they expected up to 23,000 to attend the demonstration and counter demonstration, Bild reports.

Proceedings began at around 2:00pm, with the HOGESA demonstrators kettled on a dirt lot between Cologne’s Deutz station and trade fair. They were surrounded by the far left ‘anti fascists’ chanting slogans like “No human is illegal” and “Open the borders!”

As the afternoon progressed the left wing counter demonstration became increasingly aggressive, with a number of ‘anti-fascists’ attempting to cross police lines and reach the HOGESA demonstrators. They were finally dispersed with the water cannons.

Swiss police were forced to use water cannon on pro-mass migration ‘anti-fascists’ in the city of Bern last weekend. Demonstrators turned out to protest the anti-mass migration Swiss People’s Party winning the national election, with some turning violent.

The city of Cologne has been on high alert since the 17th of this month, when a mayoral candidate was wounded in a stabbing. The candidate, Henriette Reker, is pro-mass migration and the attacker had mentioned opposition to mass immigration.

Ms. Reker went on to win the election but remains in intensive care as doctors treat her for a serious wound to the neck.


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