Coulter: Okay, Let’s Talk About Charlottesville

Life is so good for the fabulous people on the coasts — the only group the Democratic Party really cares about –– that they can afford to devote themselves to crazy fantasies that make them feel morally superior to other people. 


‘Anti-Fascists’ Plan to ‘Shut Down’ MILO’s Event at UC Berkeley

A group of “anti-fascists” are planning to forcefully “shut down” Breitbart News Senior Editor MILO’s event at UC Berkeley on Wednesday, branding him a “tool of Trump’s fascist government,” and criticizing free speech, which they put in quotes, for allowing MILO to express his political beliefs uncensored.


PICS: Nationalists Clash With Hard Left In Dover… 13 Arrests

A march by various nationalist groups in Dover ended with the burning of the European Union (EU) flag, with organisers shouting: “Send that to Merkel”!  Britain’s National Front group, alongside affiliated organisations, planned to march through Dover on Saturday afternoon to protest the