Migrant Violence Increasing In Germany As 30-Year-Old Woman Attacked And Man Hospitalised At Student Football Match

Migrant Crime
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Migrant violence appears to be on the increase in Germany as local press report several incidents across the country in the past few days, including an attack on a 30-year-old woman and a student football match that descended into violence.

In the town of Neu-Ulm in Bavaria, a teacher tried to organise a football match between one of his classes and a team of young asylum seekers. The match descended into violence, however, when the migrant team decided to substitute an African player for a Syrian player, causing the players to argue among themselves before throwing punches.

Bayerish-Schwaben-Aktuell says that one 23-year-old asylum seeker was taken to hospital with head injuries.

Meanwhile, a 30-year-old woman was attacked by two asylum seekers aged 23 and 24 in Karlsruhe on Monday. Südwest Presse reports that they dragged her into the bushes and punched her before she managed to call for help. The two men fled the scene but were later arrested.

A number of fights have also happened within asylum accommodation, such as an incident in Duisberg, reported in Rheinischen Post, where police had to use pepper spray to restrain two drunk asylum seekers who were fighting at refugee shelter.

At another fight in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, a Senegalese migrant required hospital treatment for a one inch-long head wound after arguing with another man of Senegalese origin. Rosenheim24.de says the cause of the dispute remains unknown.

There have also been reported incidents of migrants turning on security guards in Hamburg, where two migrants aged 16 and 17 attacked and injured two security guards with a foot grate, one of whom received a head injury.

Later that day, Die Welt reports, a 14-year-old migrant at another centre in the city was hospitalised after injuring his foot in another attack on security staff. He reportedly threatened them with a toilet seat and an antenna.

Breitbart London reported earlier this month how the chief of the German police union said that information about violence in migrant camps was being withheld to avoid scaring the public.

Reiner Wendt warned of “widespread prepared and organised mass brawls and fights” in the camps due to “proper power struggles between different groups who have different ethnic and religious backgrounds.”

However, he insisted that separating migrants on religious grounds was not the answer. “We must not forget: in the home countries, most victims of Islamists are not Christians, but Muslims,” he said.

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