Trio Found Guilty Of ‘Honour-Based’ Attack, Avoid Prison

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 16: A statue of the scales of justice stands above the Old Bailey on February 16, 2015 in London, England.
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Three Muslim men from Lancashire accused of honour-based violence have avoided prison despite being found guilty of attacking the boyfriend of one of their sisters.

Preston Crown Court was told Kasim Ali, 25, targeted Aquib Baig because his extended family did not approve of  Mr. Baig’s relationship with Mr. Ali’s sister. Prosecutor Sarah Gruffydd said:

“It was a relationship which was disapproved of by Ali and the rest of his family. This is an honour-based violence case.”

Accompanied by his cousins, 20-year-old Adeel Ali and Razi Khalid, 18, Kasim Ali rammed Mr. Baig’s car before chasing him into a corner store where the attackers kicked and beat him in front of horrified shoppers, reports The Daily Mail.

The attack, which took place on 13 April in Blackburn, ended when members of the public stepped in but the court heard Mr. Baig received hospital treatment. He had sustained bruising to the forehead and left eye, grazes to his cheek, swelling to his head as well as injuries to his chest and back.

Miss Gruffydd described the attack as “a group action and a sustained assault”, adding “there was kicking and stamping and an attempt to cause more serious harm.”

Kasim Ali defence lawyer attempted to deny the act was an example of honour-based violence. He said:

“I’m not too sure what honour-based means. If this was a young man from Liverpool, not of the Muslim faith, who didn’t approve, he may well take steps to stop his sister from heading down a particular road.”

The judge took a different view. When sentencing them Recorder Julian Shaw stated:

“There is no place for any religious or honour based violence. It’s abhorrent, it’s against your religion, it’s unlawful…

“…I hope you’re all truly ashamed to find yourselves standing in this court.

“Your families are no doubt scratching their heads thinking what did we do wrong? Here they are being humiliated and embarrassed as we watch you, a cowardly group, attack someone else.

“Go back to your community, your families and build your reputation again. Don’t ever come back to haunt this court with any honour-based violence.”

Kasim Ali pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, a section 47 assault and affray. He received an 18-month driving ban, 120 hours of unpaid work and a 12-month jail term, although that was suspended for two years. Adeel Ali also confessed to a section 47 assault and affray and received the same sentence as his cousin.

Mr. Khalid, the least violent of the three, pleaded guilty to affray and was given a 12-month community order including 60 hours unpaid work.

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