Watch: Migrants Complain Europe Is Too Cold, Overcrowded

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A number of migrants have been recorded complaining about the weather in Austria, and wishing they could go home.

Although it isn’t clear what they expect their new hosts to do about the cold, an emerging key complaint among migrants when given the opportunity to speak for themselves — rather than through helpful pro-migrant charities — is about Europe’s weather. One such complainant is a young Afghan migrant who was interviewed while being held at the Austria-Slovenia border.

Lamenting he was unable to return to his homeland, the man mused on the lack of capacity to adequately deal with the millions of refugees and migrants due to arrive in Europe this year: “Europe has many problems. There are many problems, especially for those that come here with family, small children”.

In any case, the Europeans he had encountered were cruel and the weather was bad. What he wanted to do was move on, but the borders behind him are closed, as the Balkan states do all they can to shuttle migrants north as quickly as possible while ensuring none stay. He said: “Here it is so cold and nobody cares about us. Now we want to go, to move, there is no way back. We have already crossed seven or eight borders”.

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The young Afghan isn’t the only one to hold this point of view. Speaking to a Reuters news crew, one Syrian man complains in broken English:  “the weather is so cold, and the people are too much. Too much people coming to this area”.

While these men are still pushing into Europe, many others have reached the objects of their desires and found them to be quite lacking, prompting them to turn right back again. In multicultural paradise Malmo, Sweden’s migrant-gang violence third city, constant grenade attacks have got even the nerves of war-zone veterans. Breitbart London reported the comments of one Syrian migrant who said in July: “I want to return to Syria — very afraid here… I come from Syria because I was afraid — but here big afraid”.

Further north in Finland, migrants have been giving up on the idea of making a new life for themselves in Europe’s frozen northern frontier, as they march south again to escape the weather. Young migrant Muhammed told local journalists: “You can tell the world I hate Finland. It’s too cold, there’s no tea, no restaurants, no bars, nobody on the streets, only cars”.

To give the disappointed travellers some credit, the welcome given to migrants in Finland has not exactly been the warmest. As reported by Breitbart London in September, protestors gathered to meet coaches bringing migrant crisis travellers to the country at the border, and pelted the vehicles with rocks and fireworks.

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