Last Week Was An All Time Asylum Record For Sweden


Sweden welcomed 10,201 asylum applications last week, the highest ever number.

Latest figures from the Swedish migration and asylum bureau (Migrationsverket) have confirmed the historic rate at which migrants are arriving in the country, which has surpassed even the numbers arriving during the Yugoslav wars. The figures go some way to challenge the conventional wisdom that as the weather gets colder, the flow of migrants into Europe will slow.

Sweden Immigration figures

Asylum applications per day for the past seven days /

The news comes as Sweden’s multicultural house of cards came crashing down around the left wing government, which was forced to admit it could no longer cope with open-door migration and appealed to the European Union and neighbours for emergency aid.

Yet despite the admission the Swedish government has still taken no action to control the flow of migrants into the nation whatsoever.

The busiest day for Sweden’s migration bureau this past week was Wednesday, when some 1,716 migrants claimed asylum.

The nationalities claimed by those arriving are highly concentrated in those countries Sweden has a strong record in awarding asylum to, yet as many arrive in Europe having lost or destroyed their own identity documents, the true origin of many can be obscure. According to the official figures of nationalities given, only one in ten aren’t ostensibly from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

What the Swedish government classifies as ‘unaccompanied children’ made up a quarter of those arriving, and were predominantly from one country. Of the 2,827 so-called children who arrived last week, 2,299 claimed to have come from Afghanistan.

The distinction between unaccompanied minors and other migrants is important in Sweden, as it is in other European nations. Minors receive better treatment and are more likely to have their asylum applications rubber-stamped because of their age, yet as the threshold for being a minor goes to 18 years old, not all are the innocent and needy youngsters the preferential legislation was designed for.

Breitbart London reported last week on a group of unaccompanied minors who were handed six and nine month sentences at juvenile detention centres for brutally gang raping a young Swedish woman they met in a park. Taking turns to attack the woman, they left her with 100skk (about £11) and life changing injuries.

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