Police Boss: Migrants Enter Europe To Steal, Traffic Drugs – But Our Courts Won’t Punish Them

Migrant Crime
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A police union boss and chief superintendent has hit out at criminal asylum seekers, who even if convicted are rarely if ever deported for their activities.

Rudiger Seidenspinner

Bundesschriftführer Rüdiger Seidenspinner / GdP.de

Although the crime wave brought with the migrant crisis is rarely discussed in Germany for fear of giving offence, and least of all by police officers who are bound to political neutrality, police chief superintendent Bundesschriftführer Rüdiger Seidenspinner has broken ranks to speak out about the problem.

Complaining the police are often reduced to “watching helplessly” as the same criminal migrants are brought before the courts again and again to receive wrist-slap punishment, Mr. Seidenspinner told the Stuttgarter Nachrichten: “We are seeing that one or two refugees quite quickly commit crimes”.

Despite engaging in criminal enterprise quickly after arriving in Germany, the migrants don’t have to fear punishment, says Seidenspinner. Courts give fines they can’t afford and aren’t compelled to pay, and they never fear being deported, even if they are convicted multiple times. Even criminal migrants are protected by Europe’s strict rules on deportation and asylum, and some key foreign countries refuse to repatriate nationals with criminal records.

This threat of expulsion never arriving is crucial, claims the Federal union police chief, who says criminals are increasingly “coming into Germany under the protective mantle of asylum status, solely to commit burglaries and traffic drugs”.

muslim migrants

Polizeikommissarin Tania Kambouri, who has spoken out against “delinquent” migrants

His comments on the determinedly criminal nature of many migrants echoes the words of police colleague commissioner Tania Kambouri, who called out “delinquent” asylum seekers who had no respect for Western culture or norms.

As reported by Breitbart London last month, the commissioner said “Multiculturalism harbours too many risks”, and those “uncritical”, “romantic followers” of the concept were blind to the problems associated with it. Singling out young Muslim men,  Ms. Kambouri said:

“People from this culture, whether they are Turks, Kurds, Lebanese, Tunisians and other nationalities, [find it] remarkably difficult to integrate into Germany”.

The raw statistics make for alarming reading. Just in Baden-Württemberg, police chief superintendent Seidenspinner’s home state asylum applicants committed five per cent of all crimes this year so far. This offending rate makes them “between three and four times more likely” to have committed crime than the general population.

The number of asylum crime in Germany has nearly doubled since 2014.

Just in the state of Baden-Württemberg, asylum seekers have been responsbile for 6,451 incidences of shoplifting, 4,385 of fare dodging, 663 burglaries, 1,565 drug offences, 202 reported rapes, and 873 “dangerous or fatal injuries”.

The scale of the crime wave sweeping Germany, as well as the extra duties pushed on the police force by the Federal government employing them as stand-in border guards is having a heavy toll. Enjoying any sort of leave, or even a day off at the weekends is now little more than a “fairytale”, says Mr. Seidenspinner.

Breitbart London has contacted the Gewerkschaft der Polizei for comment.

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