Former MP Tim Yeo Shows Us Where The Moral High Ground Lies…

Tim Yeo
Scott Barbour/Getty

Former MP Tim Yeo thinks that Britain is showing insufficient zeal in its worship of the green goddess.

The former Tory environment minister Tim Yeo said that taken in combination, the changes to domestic green policies “raise serious doubts about how seriously Britain still takes the climate change agenda”.

This in the context of a Guardian piece moaning that Britain has “lost its climate leadership role” by axing domestic green policies. And it must be true because lots of people on the climate change gravy train agree:

The UK has given up its leadership role at the UN climate talks in Paris and is “moving backwards” with a string of cuts to green domestic policies, according to Prof Anne Glover, the former chief scientific adviser to the European commission.

Her comments were endorsed by business people, NGOs, an ex-diplomat and two former ministers who are worried that the government is squandering the UK’s international standing on climate issues.

Still, if I were putting together a Guardian piece and I were looking for distinguished commentators to quote, morally unimpeachable, respected authority figures, untainted by vested interests or sordid scandals or a record of public service entirely free of distinction, would I have alighted on Tim Yeo?

Hmm. Quite possibly. It is the Guardian, after all.

But there’s something troubling me about this. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Can anyone help?


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