UKIP Insiders And Tory MP James Cleverly Attack UKIP Candidate For… Moving House To Teach Children

David Kurten
David Kurten

Tory columnists, Members of Parliament, and UKIP insiders have rounded on UKIP’s London Assembly candidate David Kurten, suggesting that because he lived a few miles outside of London, he should be ineligible to stand in the London elections.

An e-mail was leaked to Iain Dale – a long-standing friend of UKIP’s Suzanne Evans, who finished behind Mr. Kurten in the selection process – stating that Mr. Kurten was looking to register in London because he had recently moved away from the area to take a new job teaching children chemistry.

But despite Mr. Kurten’s new residence being just a few miles outside of London, jealous UKIP insiders he e-mailed months ago have decided to leak the e-mails to Mr. Dale and the Evening Standard.

The issue has also been seized upon by Conservative Party MP James Cleverly, who used to work for Boris Johnson in City Hall, and who is perhaps best known in Tory circles for his “laddish” antics.

It is unclear who would, or why anyone would attack someone for trying to teach children chemistry.

Mr Kurten said of the incident: “I sent the email to find out if I can meet the eligibility criteria while still renting the accommodation I have at the campus where I work, which is five miles outside the Greater London area, but was advised that I should move into the Greater London area at Christmas time, and that is what I now plan to do.”

A Ukip spokesman added: “Realising that he was temporarily five miles outside the GLA area, he was looking for a short-term solution. He has already been advised that a postal address is not good enough.”

Still at least all the backbiting, bitching, infighting and leaking has left UKIP after the departure of the “wrong un” eh? Send apologies to please.


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