Police Blasted For Spending £80,000 On Pop Concerts To Stop ‘Muslim Youth’ Joining Islamic State

muslim youth

London’s Metropolitan Police have spent £80,000 of taxpayers’ money employing a Muslim American pop star for two weeks so he can tackle terrorism by rapping and dancing. The rapper has a well publicised history of impersonating police officers and faking so-called “Islamophobic” harassment, which the Met was unaware of. 

The Muslim Youth Partnership Department, or MYPD, is the pet project of officer Sergeant Javaria Saeed (pictured above with rapper Adam Saleh). Ms. Saeed is officially part of the Met’s elite SO15 counter-terror unit, yet her work focuses solely on “engagement” with “Muslim youth”.

She is described on the MYPD website as “a highly talented British Muslim officer who felt compelled to join the police service after the 7/7 bombings to fight extremism, give young people a voice and make a difference to the world”.

London’s top counter-terrorism officer, Martin Bentham, told the Evening Standard in August that the project was part of winning the “propaganda war” against Islamic State, and that “Muslim youth wants to stand up to Islamic extremism (sic) and they’re coming up with great ideas for us”.

Adam Saleh is an American YouTube star of Yemini descent with millions of online followers. The MYPD website describes him as, “a Muslim [who] often includes positive aspects of his religion and focused on young people giving a voice and standing up against hate and extremism.”

Ms. Saeed flew out to New York to meet him, before he was flown back to the UK and paid £26,000 for under two weeks work performing around the UK. He played shows in Birmingham town hall, Old Trafford stadium in Manchester and the O2 arena in London.



According to figures obtained by the Daily Mail, Scotland Yard spent £1,200 on hiring out a music studio to record a song called ‘Survivor’, written by Officer Saeed and performed at the shows.

The song features the lyric: “Trying to keep my homies on the right track, so everyones not afraid of every Asian with a backpack.”

The met also shelled out thousands of pounds on hotels, concert venues, a film shoot for the song and a radio play licence. Any sales fees from the song are to towards the UN refugee fund, the police have said.


Tory MP Philip Hollobone commented: “I think most people would regard spending £80,000 of taxpayers’ money on concerts against terrorism as the wrong way to use the little cash which forces have available.”

He Added: “People expect police forces to spend their money on police officers, not C-list pop stars.”

The Met also appeared to be completely unaware that Mr. Saleh has previous admitted faking footage of “Islamophobic” police profiling incident, which resulted in the New York Police Department (NYPD) being unfairly criticised.

Whilst in the UK Mr. Saleh also committed a string of offences which he publicised online.

He was filmed pretending to steal his manager’s car and driving off in it, despite not having a licence or insurance. Ironically officers from the Met had to be deployed to investigate the hoax car theft and the wasting of police time.

He also held a video camera while driving one-handed and failed to wear a seatbelt, as his manager drove while using a mobile phone.


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