WATCH: Cologne Body Builder Who Tried To Protect Women From Rapist Migrants: ‘I Beat Them All Up’

A video uploaded by a Cologne body builder expressing his surprise and disgust at the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne which he witnessed first hand has gone viral in Germany, racking up over four million views.

Cologne based Ivan Jurevic uploaded his reflections on the night of chaos on Tuesday, offering a rare eye witness account of the attacks which he observed from his position at the door of a luxury hotel overlooking the Cathedral Square, and repeating the observation of a police officer who called the violence a “civil war”.

A champion body builder and martial artist, Mr. Jurevic is also an actor, playing a number of ‘tough guy’ roles in German film and television.

Running his own security agency, Mr. Jurevic was working the door of an exclusive New Year’s Eve party charging some €300 a head for entry when young women starting coming to him for protection having been attacked outside the cathedral and the railway station. In the viral video that has been viewed millions of times, Mr. Jurevic said:

“As I started to work that evening, I thought it would be a nice evening with some well to do people… suddenly between nine and ten o’clock it started outside the hotel, a stabbing occured. One person was in critical condition… and then the whole thing escalated”.

Referring to the extraordinary scenes seen in Germany in September as migrant trains arriving were greeted by cheering crowds, Mr. Jurevic said: “These people that we welcomed just three months ago with teddy bears and water bottles on the Munich railway station started shooting [fireworks] at the police who had come quipped with helmets onto the [Cathedral] platform… seasoned police officers then told me they had never seen anything like it in their entire life.

“They called it, and I quote, ‘a civil war like situation’ And there was no press coverage of this whatsoever!

“Throughout the evening again and again women came to me and asked if they could just stand next to me so I could look after them. I still didn’t quite know what that was all about. They told me they were chased by these guys”.

The men who had chased the girls then attempted to attack again, but martial arts expert Jurevic was ready: “These guys that chased them, then they really tried to attack me. I’ll have to be honest, I beat them all up.

“I’ve never witnessed something like this, I always thought this stuff would be some sort of right wing propaganda. But it was real!”.

Explaining the small number of arrests made by German police that night, Mr. Jurevic said he witnessed migrant criminals being rounded up but then released hours later, as there were no avaiailbek police vans to take them away, and all the cells in the city has already been filled. As the migrants were released, he witnessed them turn around and shout “fuck the police”.

Although the account of Mr. Jurevic has yet to be independently verified, his assesment of the facts as known tally with official accounts of the chaos in Cologne on new year’s eve.

Along with the shocking testimony of dozens of girls who have come forward since their abuse at the weekend and as reported by Breitbart London, a picture of a city centre completely out of the control of police who have suffered years of significant cuts in manpower and equipment budgets.

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