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Cologne Police Ignored New Year’s Eve Migrant Rape Emergency Calls

A new book dealing with the migrant rape crisis in Cologne on New Year’s Eve reveals police were ignoring emergency calls from the public following attacks for hours longer than previously thought. Released in time for the first anniversary of


Cologne Attack Victim Became Pregnant After Being Raped

The Daily Mail reports: An 18-year-old had an abortion after she was raped in the mass sexual frenzy at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve. She was thrown around a group of men before eventually falling on the floor,


Hysteria As Farage Raises Spectre of Cologne Rape Scandal

Britain’s mainstream media went into overdrive this weekend to accuse UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage of “scaremongering” and “outrageous claims” after he raised the spectre of the Cologne mass migrant rape scandal as well as major cultural clashes between