Twitter: Britons Fear Mehdi Hasan Return As Al Jazeera America Closes

Wikimedia Commons

British Twitter users were in full panic/mockery mode last night as the news emerged that Al Jazeera is closing its American operation “in light of the economic challenges in the U.S. media marketplace”.

The channel, hiply nicknamed “AJAM” recruited what is considered top talent upon launch, giving the British public reprieve from the incessantly inane Mehdi Hasan, previously the “Political Director” of the Huffington Post UK.

Mr. Hasan – with his history of promoting Islamic supremacism, making self-contradictory statements about the Daily Mail newspaper, and embarking on socialist rants on UK television – may now return to the United Kingdom, as his work visa would be predicated on his employment.

But in addition to his work for Al Jazeera America, he also works for Al Jazeera English based out of Washington, D.C. So there is a good chance he may stay put.

Either way, Twitter users were concerned upon hearing the news of AJAM’s demise:


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