WATCH: Ungrateful ‘Wristband Migrant’ Complains Free, Tax Payer Funded Meals Are The Same Twice A Day

A migrant at the now infamous Lynx House in Wales has complained live on Sky News that the tax payer funded, free food he gets is the same twice a day. He also claims that the accommodation he is given, again at a cost to the British tax payer, is too small, and too dirty.

The “asylum seeker” from Kabul in Afghanistan talks to Sky News (above) on the same day the entire British media went into over drive about wristbands that migrants are asked to wear in order to be identified so that they can be given free food.

Breitbart London has reported on how this story made it to the forefront of the media cycle, and exposed the European Union and Wall Street funded groups pushing it.

The young migrant states: “Accommodation is not really nice,” before being asked, “Some people would say that people in this country are trying to be helpful. They are giving you accommodation, they are giving you meals, this is a way of you being able to get what you’re entitled to”.

He replies: “There is, three time[s a day] meals – but my meals is not good. It is two times every day the same. And really we don’t feel good with this food… and we live in the accommodation rooms is f..six people in one room… and it is a very dirty place”.

Lynx House is notorious locally for once being a semi-decent public place to stay, but it has now descended into what locals call “Immigration Alley” with a majority of “single young men” Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia living there.

The Mail has reported: “The [Bed and Breakfast] made up out of the six houses has been taken over by a management company working on behalf of the Home Office to house migrants while their asylum applications are being processed.

“Some neighbours call it ‘Asylum Street’ or ‘Immigration Alley’ – and it even has its own spoof review on Tripadvisor.

“Musab Muawia, 26, left his wife behind in the Sudanese capital Khartoum after being hounded by the authorities and spending one month in prison.

“Musab, who worked in market, paid 500 dollars to people smugglers to take him by car to the Libyan coast before being jammed in a boat across to Italy.

“He said the boat capsized with the loss of many lives but he managed to stay afloat before being picked up by an Italian coastguard vessel.

“He then travelled across Europe by train before reaching England hiding on a Channel Tunnel train.”

A neighbour of the hotel told the Mail said: “They are a nuisance just hanging around all day long with nothing to do. They congregate outside and clog up the pavements but apart from that they don’t seem to be any trouble. You have got to feel sorry for them but I just wonder where it will all end.”



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