German Bouncer: Girls No Longer Go Out Drinking Alone

BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 22: A bartender serves beers at the Alt Berlin (Old Berlin) bar on April 22, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. The bar, which opened in 1893 and is known for its familial atmosphere, is claimed to be the oldest bar in the German capital, a city with …
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Women are now afraid to go out in Germany on their own, preferring to go with men or in large groups for protection claims an expert on the country’s night-life – a professional nightclub bouncer.

The remarks came during an interview with experienced doorman Viktor Hacker, who relayed his observations on the changing party scene in Hamburg since the New Year’s Eve sex attacks rocked the country to the Suddeutsche Zeitung. With 30 years experience in Hamburg’s nightclub district, Mr. Hacker remarked that now, compared to the same time of year previously there are now “fewer people” and those who do go out behave differently.

“One no longer sees women who come alone, or in pairs. Now they always go in larger groups, or have at least one guy”, he said. Women were now in the practice of forming “defensive circles” when inside nightclubs and often get “very uncomfortable”.

The bouncer also remarked the attacks had turned the opinions of many, even if just subconsciously, against migrants. He said that during nights out “now people are suspicious when they see a dark-skinned man in the street. Even if he might be a normal, integrated member of society”.

Bouncers have been on the front line of the migrant sex attack crisis in many respects, stepping in to protect women being harassed in the streets and potentially putting their own jobs on the line by refusing entry to migrant men to protect the clientèle inside. Breitbart London reported on the experience of one of Germany’s bouncers who found himself changed by what he witnessed in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Declaring that before he thought stories about migrant violence were nothing more than scaremongering by right-wing press, the former special-forces soldier and champion body builder rushed to the aid of woman being attacked, and just days later joined a city militia patrolling the streets for migrant crime.

He took to the internet to express his shock at the situation, remarking: “Throughout the evening again and again women came to me and asked if they could just stand next to me so I could look after them. I still didn’t quite know what that was all about. They told me they were chased by these guys”.

Despite being hailed as a “hero of Cologne”, body-builder and doorman Ivan Jurevic was arrested days later for “beating up” migrants.

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