Christian Converts Flee German Asylum Centres After Muslim Intimidation


Christian converts are being expelled from an asylum home in Berlin according to Junge Freiheit. Six Iranian Christians who were former Muslims themselves have fled the centre fearing for their safety and their lives. The incidents all occurred at a centre for migrants seeking asylum near the Tempelhof airport in the German capital.

One of the Iranians told German media, “we would read the Bible in our Twelve-bed room. Immediately, the Muslims come into the room to insult us, because we have converted from Islam to Christianity,” and one of the other victims of the abuse said, “suddenly seventy people stood in front of us called us names and said they wanted to beat us. We were afraid for our lives!”

According to reports at the centre it took over 20 police officers and a K9 unit in order to stop the Muslim mob from committing acts of violence against the Christians.

The National director of the asylum centres admitted: “yes, there is harassment against Christians,” not just in Berlin but all across Germany and in many asylum homes.

Fearing for their continued safety the Iranians have all taken refuge in the care of the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Berlin.

The church is headed by pastor Gottfried Martens who said, “In my estimation, at least half of our church members living in the refugee camps are living in fear,” and said many Christians are, “discriminated against, harassed, threatened, beaten in exceptional cases, beaten hospitalised or attacked with weapons.”

The pastor said he was greatly concerned with the safety of the Christians adding, “Many do not dare to identify themselves as Christians. Christians put on headscarves, so that no one recognises that they are not Muslims.”

He said that Muslims often do not recognise any conversion of religion away from Islam and that, “again and again Christians ask me to take them away from the (asylum) home, because there they have such fear. Some no longer dare to stay in the homes.” 

The authorities in the German capital are also looking into the incident and say that it is under investigation. A spokesman for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party said, “we must make sure that no one is harassed because of their faith, threatened or physically assaulted.” He demanded that there must be consequences for the Muslims involved. The spokesman also said that there needs to be a consistent vigilance against bullying and attacks by Muslims on vulnerable minorities like Christians and gays in asylum centres, saying that people who try to tell people what religion to believe or not to believe are not welcome in the country.

Breitbart London has reported other cases of Muslim bullying and violence in migrant homes where Christians and homosexuals have been the targets of violence and threats.

Often the government solution is to simply create segregated centres for groups at risk of violence. These reports also come after the news that the German government is looking to spend 100 million euros to tackle “right wing extremism” instead.


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