Swedish Authorities Shut Down Illegal, Tax Funded Child Migrant Accommodation

Migration Bureau Sweden
Oliver Lane / Breitbart London

A tax payer funded company has been found to be operating an asylum for unaccompanied migrant children, despite not having been authorised by the Swedish government.

Hoppetgruppen AB (Hopegroup ltd) is the tax-funded asylum company owned by entrepreneur and former member of parliament Jan Emanuel Johansson, who according to reports by Friatider has a history in defrauding the Swedish government.

Such is the desperation in Sweden to find migrant accommodation to keep up with enormous demand, it now appears the company has been able to operate, and charge the government for, an asylum accommodation for unaccompanied migrant children without the correct permissions. Due to child protection laws these junior migrant centres are normally heavily regulated and inspected, but the asylum house belonging to the former Social Democrat politician managed to slip though the bureaucratic checks.

Not only did the business manage to take money from the government for the operation, but seven young people were placed in the home before the deceit was detected, reports Aftonbladet. The company came to light in December last year when an unannounced check on a foster family was revealed to be a fully blown business with paid staff. Mr. Johansson is reported to have claimed that the staff were merely helpers, but the local authority ruled it was outside the bounds of the law.

The company has been given until March to close operations. The minors living at the centre will be dispersed elsewhere. It is reported this is the fourth unlicensed home for children operated by the company so far discovered.

FriaTider reports Jan Emanuel Johansson sold a number of companies he had built up using government money in 2010 and made a quarter of a billion Kronor (£21 million) out of the deal. 

Providing accommodation for migrants can be extremely lucrative business in Sweden. As reported by Breitbart London last week an emergency migrant accommodation project presently being completed in Sweden will pay out around 450 Kronor a day per migrant, netting the owners a total of some £66,000 a day income from the Migration Bureau for housing 1,800 migrants.

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