Young Swedish Liberals Want To Legalise Incest and Necrophilia

sweden suspends free movement

Last Sunday in Stockholm the youth wing of the Swedish Liberal party voted for the legalisation of incest between consenting siblings over the age of 15. They also voted for the legalisation of sex with dead bodies, provided the deceased had it in his will.

“We don’t like morality laws in general,” said Liberal Youth chairman, Cecilia Johnsson. “We are a youth wing and one of our tasks is to think one step further. She said she understood that incest and sex with the dead could be viewed as disgusting but that disgust cannot be the basis of legislation.

Senior party officials called their youth wing “nitwits” and said others were “laughing at your liberalism.”

The Mail reports:

Former Liberal MP Carl B Hamilton lashed out at the youth wing, calling them ‘nitwits’, accusing them of craving publicity over politics.

‘Liberal Youth of Sweden focuses on publicity, but hardly the issues that determines our, and Sweden’s future,’ he wrote on a Facebook group for Liberal party members.

‘Surely, you must understand that people are lauging at your liberalism, you nitwits?

‘And what other challenges facing society is on the top 100-list for Stockholm’s Liberal Youth? Sex with hippos?’

A press spokesperson for the Liberals said on Monday the mother party does not back the youth wing, and wants both necrophilia and incest to remain illegal.

The vote came as Sweden, along with other European countries are awash in migrants, many of whom are committing sexual assaults on women. Breitbart London reported last month about the rise of conservative parties and the decline of liberal parties in Sweden. It is not yet clear whether the incest/necrophilia lobby will help or hurt the liberal party.






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