‘Underage’ Migrant Rapes 15 Year Old on Second Day in Sweden

A girl walks in a corridor of a temporary holding centre for asylum seekers in a huge tent

A migrant who claimed to be underage, but wasn’t, raped a 15 year old girl on the day after he got to Sweden.

The Afghan migrant who came to Sweden back in December has recently been convicted of the rape a 15 year old girl. The migrant applied for asylum in Sweden as an unaccompanied minor. The man submitted his request for asylum on December 14th and the very next day was arrested by Swedish police after he had raped a 15 year-old girl at the asylum home where he was placed, reports Sweden’s Friatider.

The man had apparently been left alone with the victim in the home, which was designated for minors who had mental illnesses and need special care. The pair were watching the Swedish equivalent of ‘X-Factor’ when the attack took place.

Staff at the asylum home decided to leave the pair as they watched the programme and upon returning found the man in the middle of raping the 15 year old who was crying and screaming.

The victim had mentioned to the staff before the incident that she did not feel comfortable around the Afghan and said to them that the man was acting in a strange manner toward her.

Initially the man was charged as a minor since the asylum workers who processed his case did not do any extensive research into his background, nor did they perform any kind of test that may indicate whether or not he was lying about his age.

Breitbart London has reported many cases in which migrants in Sweden report to authorities that they are under 18 because they receive special treatment. Sweden considers unaccompanied minors to be among the most vulnerable kinds of migrants and often fasttracks their cases and gives them better accommodation, away from adult asylum seekers. The reason for this is supposedly to prevent adults from abusing children.

The judge in the case decided to run tests to see the true age of the Afghan, and using his dental information was able to determine that the man must be at least 19 years of age. The development of his teeth in the judges words, “demonstrated a higher age, most likely over 19 1/2 years.”

The 15 year old victim, who was likely suffering from some kind of mental illness or trauma before the attack, is now suffering from severe anxiety and constant nightmares. It is said that she finds it difficult to even be touched by other people and that her anxiety affects her so much she is no longer able to continue her schooling.

The sentence for the Afghan man handed down by the judge recommended that the migrant be evaluated by psychiatric doctors and, as soon as he was well enough, that he is to be deported back to Afghanistan.


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