WATCH: Identitarians Stage Protest on Roof of Green Party HQ — ‘Islamisation Kills’

The Austrian Identitarian youth organization placed a banner reading “Islamisation Kills” on the roof of the Austrian Green Party HQ in Graz.

The protest,which took place Wednesday morning is, like many others from the ‘hipster right-wing’ Identitarians, a strong statement against the creeping Islamisation of Europe that has been accelerated by the migrant crisis and the arrival over over one and a half million people, mostly Muslims.

Breitbart London talked with Martin Sellner, leader of the Vienna branch of the Identitarians, who was involved in the protest and filmed the entire event on his go-pro camera. Describing the event he said: “We occupied the roof and about 30 supporters gathered with flags shouting slogans. Our main message was: their policy imported is terrorism. They have no right to feel “sorry” for the victims because they bear a great deal of guilt. They have blood on their hands and now we put blood on their roof.”

Sellner also explained that the Green party HQ wasn’t their first choice for the location of the protest. “We planned an action on a huge mosque that is being built at the moment in Graz,” but explained that someone had leaked the information of the protest location to the local police. “The police were informed about it,” and he said the mosque was subsequently put under a huge cordon of police security. Around 100 police officers, multiple cars and police dogs were brought out to discourage the group.

The action, according to Sellner, was a direct response to both the terror attacks in Belgium and the banning of the Identitarian protest in Molenbeek last week by the mayor of Brussels. “We wanted to protest against Islamisation in Europe, cause we saw in Brussels and Paris that Islamisation kills. ‘Islamisierung tötet’ that was also the slogan on the banner.”

The group chose the HQ of the Green Party for several reasons according to Sellner. Chiefly was the fact that the Green party candidate for the Austrian presidency was giving a speech inside the building at the same time the protest happened. The presidential elections in Austria are to be held on the 24th of this month and Sellner said he was against the Green candidate Alexander van der Bellen because of remarks the candidate had made.

Van der Bellen had said that if he was elected president of Austria he would not recognize any government of the right wing Freedom Party (FPÖ) even if they were a majority in the parliament. The FPÖ are one of the few parties in Austria who have been critical of the migrant crisis and of mass migration since the start of the crisis.

Van der Bellen also made headlines in Austria back in 2007 when he was leader of the Green party’s youth wing. He made up a placard to protest the FPÖ that read “anyone who loves Austria must be s**t.”


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