Turks Living In Europe Reject Proposals For Integration Of Muslims


The Turkish community in Berlin has rejected out of hand plans by the German government to forcibly integrate Muslims.

A new plan was revealed Thursday by the German coalition government to tie migrant benefits to their willingness to learn German and to integrate into German society. The plan was the result of tough negotiations between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party and her coalition partner Horst Seehofer from the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) party who wanted a more hard-line stance on the migrant crisis.

The Turkish community in Germany group (TGD) was quick to slam the idea saying, “this misanthropic, unconstitutional, absurd proposal the CSU is doing may possibly impress AfD voters and far-right parties, but the CSU does democracy a disservice,” reports Junge Freiheit.

The TGD said the move was no better than what radical Salafist preacher Sven Lau had tried to attempt with his “sharia police” saying they go, “from the sharia police to the language police.”

Lau is currently in jail after his arrest in December and is now waiting trial after being indicted with supporting a terrorist group in Syria. He is alleged to have tried to send money and night-vision goggles to a group affiliated with the Islamic State.

The TGD singled out the CSU as being the driving fore behind the idea. They said, “the CSU want to introduce people with a migrant background to ‘German duty’ in the school-yard, on the street and in their living rooms,” and called the proposal as absurd as the calling of the banning of the full face veil or burka that was put forward by CSU deputy leader Julia Klockner.

The Turkish community has now called on Angela Merkel personally and has said she must  do something so “this nonsense will end.”

The CSU has routinely been to the right of Merkel on the migrant crisis. The General secretary of the party Andreas Scheuer has said that he wants to see an end to Imams and Islamic religious leaders who come from overseas or who are funded by states like Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

He said, “it can not be so different, extreme values are partly imported from abroad. German must be the language of all mosques.” The plan would see Imams trained in Germany and would keep tabs on them to make sure they were promoting and sharing German fundamental values and is in-line with the alleged upcoming manifesto of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany party (AfD).