Former Chancellor Kohl: Migrants Threaten Judeo-Christian Social Order Of Europe


Ahead of meeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban tomorrow, remarks by respected former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl on mass migration to Europe have come to light.

While the views of former Chancellor Kohl on the importance of maintaining a Christian European Union (EU) are well known, his latest writing on mass migration will again set him publicly apart from his successor Chancellor Angela Merkel. That Chancellor Kohl is so respected as an elder statesman in Germany, and hails from the same Christian Democratic party (CDU) as Ms. Merkel will make the embarrassment for her more acute.

Writing in the foreword for the new Hungarian translation of his 2014 book ‘Out of concern for Europe: An appeal’, Chancellor Kohl stated of the migrant crisis: “The solution lies in the affected regions. Not in Europe. Europe cannot be the new home for millions of people in need”.

One of his concerns about the migrant crisis is clearly founded in the primary religion of those newly arrived foreigners — Islam. Former Chancellor Kohl said that many refugees come “from different cultural backgrounds. They follow in significant part, faiths other than Judeo-Christianity, which is one of the foundations of our values and social order”.

The revelation came ahead of the publishing date for the new edition, with an advance manuscript making its way to German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. In other parts of the foreword, not reproduced by the paper, Chancellor Kohl also criticised the immigration policy of Ms. Merkel although not mentioning her by name.

Perhaps the most vocal, and influential opponent of mass migration in Europe today is Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban. As part of his European tour seeking to persuade national leaders to join him in his campaign to change EU migrant policy, he will be calling on Chancellor Kohl tomorrow for a private meeting at his home.

German press have labelled the meeting as embarrassing for Ms. Merkel, as former Chancellor Kohl is not just a fellow member of the CDU, but was her mentor, hand picking her to lead the party and follow in his footsteps after his sixteen years as chancellor during the reunification of Germany.

Demonstrating his closeness to the Hungarian PM, Mr. Kohl said: “I know I agree with my friend Viktor Orban”. Breitbart London reported last week on Kohl’s previous comments on Mr. Orban, when he called him a “European with heart and soul. High praise, from one of only three men to have ever been awarded an honorary citizenship of Europe by the EU.

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