Sarah Palin: ‘Bill Nye Is As Much A Scientist As I Am.’

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Besides being a bravura demonstration of weapons-grade trolling, what Sarah Palin said at the US premiere of Climate Hustle is perfectly true.

“Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am. He’s a kid’s show actor. He’s not a scientist,” Palin said at the Washington DC screening of the climate skeptic movie (aka the Anti Inconvenient Truth).

Yes, Sarah Palin really is as much of a scientist as Bill Nye (the “jail the climate skeptics” guy.)

What’s more when it comes to climate change – indeed the environment generally – Palin has a much more solid grasp of her subject than the overrated kid’s show actor.

Here’s what Palin said at the Climate Hustle premiere.

“There is a predetermined agenda definitely of those who I think are controlling the narrative right now on changes in the weather. There is definitely a political agenda behind all of this and as you suggested people who are involved in this issue they are not stupid. They have studied this stuff. They have studied the data that they are erroneously delivering to the public to make us think that we can somehow change the weather and how they do that is to grow government and allow the government to have more control over us, our homes, our businesses, our families, our lives, and it’s quite unfortunate because these people must be purposely doing this, right? Because they are smart enough to know better.”

There’s more sense in that one paragraph than Bill Nye has spoken in the last twenty years.

According to his liberal media apologists we should take Nye seriously because “he has been a visiting professor at Cornell, and is an executive at the Planetary Society” and because he has a degree in mechanical engineering. But the former just goes to show how much the Green Blob rewards its own; and the latter hardly reflects too well on his integrity: of all the STEM majors I’ve encountered in climate debates, the ones with engineering degrees tend to be the most hard-headedly skeptical about the climate science religion because you don’t build bridges by fudging data.

Milo got him about right in this exquisite takedown.

One of Nye’s favourite pastimes is climate change fearmongering. “This isn’t something you should be debating or denying,” he said last year. Because as we all know, shutting down debate and scepticism is how real science works. Nye also signed a letter calling on media companies not to give airtime or column inches to climate sceptics.

Like most climate alarmists, Nye is a hypocrite. He spent earth day 2015 spewing tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere as he tooled around in Air Force One with Obama. How typical — lecturing Americans about their Sport Utility Vehicles from the comfort of a private plane.

Nye’s only serious claim to be the “Science Guy”, as Milo rightly noted, is having a name that rhymes with it.

“I like to imagine some brilliant scientist named Phil Frye drunkenly ranting in a bar: “It should have been me!”

As far as the liberal media is concerned, Palin is so obviously wrong about anything to do with climate science it doesn’t even need to demonstrate why she is wrong. Hence this sneering piece by the Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg.

To Palin’s mind, efforts by government, business leaders, campaigners – and yes, scientists like Nye – to fight climate change were a mere smokescreen for a huge power grab. She did not say by whom.

Well it might sound like a crazed conspiracy to an employee of the tax-dodging newspaper that gave Edward Snowden his big break; but to those of us living in the real world Palin’s remarks are just straightforward common sense.

Climate change is the biggest scam in the history of the world – and Palin knows it.

Palin also has a considerably better record on actually saving the environment than Bill Nye does. When she was Governor of Alaska, she was the first state governor in the US to create a sub-cabinet position to study climate change and offer recommendations. Being in charge of America’s only arctic state, she felt a strong responsibility for protecting it, and always held the oil and gas industry to the toughest environmental standards.

What she doesn’t tolerate, though, is green bullshit. As a hunting and fishing outdoorswoman she knows the score, especially where the supposedly doomed poster child of the environmental movement is concerned: that’s why she once sued the federal government over its (utterly dishonest, politically driven) listing of the polar bear as an endangered species, when populations have, of course, been rising for the last fifty years.



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