Muslim Council Of Britain Call For Tory ‘Islamophobia’ Investigation

suliman gani
Breitbart London/Rachel Megawhat

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) – who are linked to the pro-international Caliphate group Muslim Brotherhood – has demanded the Conservative party conduct an urgent inquiry into ‘Islamophobia’ in the party.

During the campaign for London Mayor, the Tory candidate, Zac Goldsmith, pointed out that Labour’s Sadiq Khan (now the first Muslim mayor of a Western capital) had shared a platform with a radical imam named Suliman Ghani more than nine times.

Now, the Caliphate supporting MCB is claiming the Tory campaign was bigoted for raising concerns about the fellow Caliphate supporting Imam, and his closeness to Mr Khan.

During the campaign, it was also revealed that Mr Khan’s brother-in-law was a member of Anjem Choudary’s banned terrorist group Al Muhajiroun, and that he had defended several terrorists and ex-Guantanamo Bay detainees as a lawyer.

Despite admitting all of this, and conceding Mr Ghani was an “unsavoury individual”, the Labour camp insisted the Tory campaign was a “dog whistle” racist assault.

The was even a protest against ‘Islamophobia’ in London (pictured), and a petition was set up to defend the “reputation of our gentle friend Suliman” and his “good name”.

The Prime Minister has since apologised for accidentally saying Mr Ghani “supports Islamic State”, rather than, “an Islamic State” (which he allegedly does) after Mr Ghani launched legal action.

However, the MCB wants more. “I also call for an urgent review of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party”, said Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary of the MCB in a statement. Adding:

“Just as the Labour Party is rightly conducting an inquiry into anti-Semitism, it is important for the Conservative Party to reflect upon the extent of Islamophobia in its own ranks. We should have zero tolerance for both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

“We urge the Conservative Party to reflect and learn from this disreputable period of campaigning so that we can all draw a line and move on.”

Dr Shafi also claimed “Islamophobia” is a “cancer blighting sections of our political and media class and has infected the solemn business of government.”

However, it is also worth nothing that the MCB itself currently stands accused of serious alleged bigotry and extremism, and potential inciting violence and murder.

Last month, they launched an internal investigation after they were revealed to be affiliated to a group calling on Muslims to kill members of an “apostate” Muslim sect. The man leading the inquiry allegedly supports killing apostates.


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