WATCH: Raheem Kassam Debates Jeremy Corbyn On Venezuela’s Collapse

Remember the time I debated the Labour Party leader on Venezuela, Hugo Chavez’s legacy, and he refused to take heed of anything I was saying?

Alright, he wasn’t the Labour leader back then. And you probably don’t remember, either.

But it was just over three years ago.

I was in Washington, D.C., crudely woken up during a snowstorm and asked to get to the Al Jazeera studio for 8 am because Hugo Chavez had just died.

And back then Mr. Corbyn was just a swivel-eyed backbench rebel. Now he’s the head honcho of Britain’s Labour movement… ostensibly.

And as I climbed into the Cadillac Escalade, which turned out only had to drive me about 30 seconds to get to the studio (whoops), I brushed up on Venezuela’s internal problems and decided: this is a nightmare, this can only go one way.

And it has.

Now we’re seeing riots, looting, immolation – a country descending quickly into a failed state.

And we’re hearing complete and utter silence from the pro-Chavez, pro-Maduro, hard line socialists that have now taken charge of Britain’s Labour Party.

I have a feeling I don’t need to warn any Breitbart readers over the march of socialism, but I did want to share this debate with you from three years ago – and maybe you can send it to one of your soap-dodging friends.

P.S. My favourite comments under the embedded video include: “Raheem Kassam = POS”, “Raheem kassam! What a knob” and “Raheem kassam is what they call a housenegro”.

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