But none of these things–background checks, mental checks, gun bans, licensing or certificate requirements, storage rules, and more–proved a hindrance to Sonboly and the attack he carried out.

Other European countries with “restrictive” gun controls–France, for example–have also seen that gun control does not prevent those with criminal or terrorist inclinations from carrying out their evil deeds. Despite France’s stringent background check system, licensing requirements, and bans on whole categories of weapons, 12 innocents were slaughtered in a firearms-based attack on January 7, 2015, followed by 130 slaughtered in another firearms-based attack on November 13. Wedged in between these two attacks was a firearms-based attack in Denmark, where gun control is also described as “restrictive.”

In the end, the “restrictive” gun control in Europe does the same thing it has done in U.S. cities like Chicago: it keeps law-abiding citizens defenseless while posing little hindrance to people committed to carrying out evil.

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