Swiss Public Optimistic About Brexit


A survey conducted by Swiss bank Credit Suisse shows the general public of Switzerland believe that their country’s economy will benefit from a Brexit.

Though the mainstream media and establishment politicians have spread doom and gloom over the result of the British vote on membership of the European Union which resulted in a yes for Brexit, the Swiss people are optimistic. A new poll conducted by Swiss bank Credit Suisse shows that across age groups and politics, the majority of Swiss feel that their country will benefit from an independent Britain.The results of the survey were

The results of the survey were published in a press release Sunday.

The research institute gfs.bern conducted the survey on behalf of the bank, interviewing 1,010 Swiss voters in the month of July. Co-head of the gfs.bern research institute Lukas Golder said, “People are highly aware that Brexit has economic and political consequences for Switzerland.”

Golder also noted that the results of the survey were very similar regardless of the party affiliation of the voters saying, “It is surprising that party affiliation does not reveal any significant differences, as optimistic opinions were more apparent on the right of the political spectrum.”

While the socialist party supporters were the least optimistic with 52 percent of respondents claiming optimism over Brexit, the Swiss Peoples Party were the most optimistic with 64 percent.  The Swiss People’s Party are staunchly against attempts to further integrate Switzerland into the European Union and have taken a hard line stance on issues like illegal migration and Islamisation.

The Swiss people, according to the survey, are also positive over the effect Brexit will have on future negotiations with the European Union. Many feel that having a large economic ally like Britain will increase their ability to negotiate better deals with the political bloc.

Another fact noted by the survey was the increased optimism over time with many of the respondents becoming more optimistic over Brexit as the predictions of global catastrophe did not come true. Many politicians in the UK and around the world warned of not only economic fallout if Brexit were to occur, but some like former Prime Minister David Cameron told voters the vote could lead to World War Three.

Contrary to many of the predictions so far the economy of the United Kingdom has been positive. According to the Office for National Statistics the economic data in the second quarter of this year has defied expectations increasing at 0,6 percent while only 0.4 had been predicted by economists.



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