Migrants Sexually Harass Young Teen Girls In Swimming Pool


Migrants in Germany are accused of sexually harassing several young girls at a swimming pool in Essen over the weekend.

Yet more migrants stand accused of trying to sexually abuse underage girls at a swimming pool in Germany. In the German town of Essen several girls at an outdoor pool, aged between 12 and 13 years, are said to have been approached by migrants over the weekend who tried to sexually abuse them.

Two incidents occurred on Saturday and Sunday at the Grugabad swimming pool, the largest outdoor pool in the city, reports Die Welt.

The first incident on Saturday occurred when two migrant men aged 20 and 24 approached two girls aged 12 and 13 in an attempt to sexually harass and abuse them. According to police the pair of adult migrants “approached the victims in a sexual manner” and claimed that a younger migrant, aged 13, was also involved in the incident.

Another 13-year-old is said to have yelled at the men in Arabic to stop as security confronted the men and detained them until police arrived.

On Sunday a 13-year-old girl was approached by a 33-year-old migrant and was sexually assaulted. Her 17-year-old sister witnessed the assault and she and a 15-year-old friend immediately confronted the migrant, preventing the escalation of the assault further.

The attacker fled the swimming pool but was later tracked down by security who detained the man until police arrested him a short time later.

While both incidents are being investigated by the Essen police, the sexual assault of young girls in swimming pools has become a heated issue in Germany and Austria.

Swimming pools have become the site of numerous incidents of sexual assault ranging from unwanted sexual touching to rapes by migrants – mostly on underage victims. In Austria one case saw a ten-year-old boy so brutally raped by a migrant that he had to be hospitalised.

The migrant later claimed that he committed the crime because it was a “sexual emergency”.

In response, some pools have tried to ban migrants from their facilities entirely but faced public backlashes and accusations of racism by leftists. In perhaps the most bizarre proposal to combat the sex assaults, the town of Bodensee has given out temporary tattoos to young girls that say “NO!” in hopes it will dissuade migrants from attacking them.

While some in Germany like Joachim Heuser of the German Bathing Society claim that there is little correlation between the mass migrant influx over the past year and sexual assaults in swimming pools, a leaked report from German police stated that sexual assaults were on the rise and most perpetrators were migrants.


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