73 Per Cent of Bulgarians Want to End Muslim Immigration


A large majority of Bulgarians would support a total ban on citizens of Muslim-majority nations entering their country.

A total of 73 per cent said they would support the policy, with just 14 per cent opposed the idea.

The survey by Gallup International for Nova TV also found that 77 per cent of Bulgarians view immigration as a threat to the country – a dramatic increase from 47 in 2015, before the migrant crisis fully hit Europe.

The figures come despite a previous poll conducted before the U.S. election finding most Bulgarians preferred Hillary Clinton to Donald J. Trump, albeit by a small margin.

The poll also found most Bulgarians are distinctly un-conservative on issues such as gun rights (76 per cent want restrictive gun laws) and abortion (just 12 per cent support a total ban), highlighting the huge impact the migrant crisis has had on public opinion.

In 2013 and 2015, almost two thirds of people agreed with the statement “Refugees are people in distress – it is humane to help them”. However, that figure has now collapsed to just 28 per cent, with 33 per cent disagreeing.

Bulgaria is the European Union’s poorest member state, with many of its own citizens emigrating to Western Europe in search of work and benefits. However, it is fast becoming a destination for migrants entering the continent from the Middle East.

Breitbart London reported in November how 3,000 migrants living in a camp in the country were in lockdown after serious infectious diseases spread amongst the residents.

Authorities imposed the quarantine following protests by nationalists who claimed the migrants were spreading diseases and harassing locals.

The government had demanded 160 million euros from the EU the previous summer to secure its border with Turkey. But migrants continue to enter the country as other nations secure their borders.


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