Swedish Authorities Accuse Migrant Crime Whistleblower Cop of ‘Hacking’ Police Computers

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Peter Springare, the police officer who posted on Facebook his frustrations on the levels of migrant crime in Sweden, is now being investigated by authorities who claim he “hacked” into police computers.

The allegations against Springare come just after he was cleared of charges of inciting racial hatred by Swedish authorities. Springare became a household name in Sweden as the cop who dared to point out that most of the criminals he had to deal with were from migrant backgrounds. The police now claim Springare hacked into police computers that he was not authorised to use, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

Lina Lithner, chief prosecutor of the Special Prosecution Office, said the hacking charge is related to statistics that Springare produced for an article for local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda in which he cited various criminal data. “I will now consider whether an investigation should be initiated or not,” Lithner said.

Lithner refused to elaborate on what evidence she had that Springare hacked into police computers but said: “I have asked for more material from the authority after that I will take a position on whether we proceed with the case or not.”

Springare, on the other hand, believes the allegations are just another attempt by the Swedish police to find reason to pursue criminal charges.

He told Swedish media in a text message: “The police authority digs further, as promised, to possibly find something that they can link to something that they can relate to anything criminal.” He added: “I can imagine that they established a good resource for finding something. In particular, on the failed notification on hate speech. That’s the way it works in the Police Authority.”

After U.S. President Donald J. Trump mentioned Sweden’s problems caused by mass migration, many in the media and Swedish political scene were quick to dismiss his claims. Springare has been one of the few policemen willing to speak out publicly about the extent of migrant crime resulting in accusations of inciting racial hatred. 

The head of the ambulance drivers union in Sweden said the problem in the over 55 admitted No Go Zones is so dangerous for paramedics and other emergency responders that he requested military helmets and body armour to protect workers from attacks. 

Breitbart London published a list of ten separate incidents in the ten days after President Trump’s speech which proved how the situation in parts of Sweden has deteriorated, including mass riots in the no-go migrant-populated Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby.  

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